Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wishing for Spring Card

Hello Everyone,

 Today was a busy day for Miss Kaleigh, she had lots of appointments in preparations for her upcoming surgery. Kaleigh was born with hearing issues and had tubes put in her ears at 15 months but something happened and the tubes had to be removed quickly. So Kaleigh has learned to coop with her hearing issues as we have with her speech. However, today the informed us that with surgery they feel her hearing can be repaired! So on March 30th Kaleigh will go into the hospital for the surgery. You would think it'd be a quick in and out but she will have to stay 72 hours.

So onto her card.... Kaleigh calls it her Wishing for Spring
She used her trusty ol' Cuttlekid and flower die some ribbon she talked the nurse out of ;)
and blue cardstock cause she said she was feeling blue, LOL
She even signed her name on front for y'all to see how good she writes ;+)

Please enjoy her card!



What a beautiful card, Kaleigh! I'm wishing for spring too!
Big Hugs,


Great card! Also, wishing you all the best in your surgery. May your hearing be restored and may you have a speedy recovery. Sending you special prayers. Please take care.


Love your card!!!
I gave you award!! go to my site
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What a beautiful card. I love the blues and the ribbon fits nicely
Good luck with your surgery and will send a few prayers for a speedy recovery


Super cute Kaleigh! I have an award for you over at my blog. You can find that Here at

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